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“But my IT provider says I don't need cyber insurance”

Frankie says that's rubbish. That's like saying that because you install fire alarms and extinguishers you can cancel your building insurance.

Can your IT Provider answer this?

Who needs Cyber Insurance?

Your New Zealand business may be exposed to Cyber risk


More than half of New Zealand SMEs experience IT security attacks at least once a year


83% of businesses lose their smartphones annually resulting in compromised business data


SMEs account for 30% of online security attacks according to Vodafone


3 out of 5 businesses have no plans to increase their overall investment in IT security


70% of businesses are being affected by viruses, malware and scams annually.


It is estimated that the costs of data breaches are between $150–$200 per stolen record

Obtained from Vodafone NZ Survey - Cyber Security New Zealand SME Landscape 2014.
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  • Colmar Brunton New Zealand, University of Waikato - Vodafone Survey - Cyber Security New Zealand SME landscape 2014
  • Colmar Brunton and the University of Waikato were commissioned by Vodafone New Zealand to conduct quantitative primary research with 500 IT decision makers across New Zealand to capture an accurate snapshot of how aware and prepared New Zealand Companies are for potential cyber security threats.